Architectural Hallucinations

About the Book


My Storyline Mostly I’m focused in the Social Urban Decay which is the process of disintegration of a previously flourished functioning city or part of a city that falls into disrepair and abandonment or gradually falling into an inferior condition or progressive decline, NYC and other metropolis are my best examples. NYC for the rest of us as we know it is a crumbling city, the inhabitants of this city are made to believe that this is the center of the world however I see it as a dark, gloomy, blight and decaying infrastructural system. Organic Mutant Architecture Project The job of the organisms are to eat and eat and eat. It may look like nothing is going on however major changes are happening inside. Special cells that were present in the organisms are now growing rapidly inside of the man-made structures. They will become the legs, wings, eyes and other parts of the Organic Mutant Architecture. Many of the original organic cells will provide energy for these growing adult hatching structures. Current plot There once was a place of monumental architecture that swept the American culture, people were swept away and consumed by the machines and structures built by visionaries and is now in the process of meta-morphing, changing in shape or mutating into a fantastic “Organic Mutant Architecture”, it draws every living organism into the depths or erupts the inside out. J. F. Bautista

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