2019 Off The Wall II

Off the Wall II

LIC-A’s 2nd Annual  Affordable Holiday Art Fair!

The goal of this Art Fair style exhibition is to invite the greater NYC area and the surrounding community to buy fine art as gifts and to enhance their homes or start their own collections. We want to make buying art accessible to people who may not be familiar with it and help introduce all of our neighbors to our arts community.

We will schedule two events where we invite our neighbors in for a discussion on collecting art, including the benefits, ease, and excitement of buying original art. Just in time for the holidays!

On View: November 7 – January 12
Opening Reception: Saturday, November 23, 7-10pm

Status: Built
Location: Long Island City, NY, US
My Role: Artist
Additional Credits: LIC-Artists Team


LIC-Artists Gallery


Pillars of good government

Longest N train running

Longest Nightmare N Train in NYC


Headless New Yorkers

01_Bautista_One_Bourbon_One Scotch_One Beer

One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer


Post cards on view


The visitor


On view


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