The Building For The Brain Dead


The House For The Brain Dead

The Building For The Brain Dead

In “The Building For The Brain Dead” currently there is no cure and the only known effective treatment is a strict lifelong confinement under one roof.
There are 435 Representatives in one wing of the Capitol Hill building, the House of Representatives. One hundred Senators are in the other wing, the Senate. Together, these two groups are called Congress.
Some of the many basic deficiencies is that everything in this building leaks:
– Gas leaks
– HVAC leaks
– Information leaks
– Nitrogen leaks
– Oil leaks
– Roof leaks
– Sewer Line leaks
– Steam leaks
– Water leaks

Last but not least some say that the origins of the demon cat can be traced back to a time when the Capitol Building had a rat infestation. Several large cats were turned loose in the building in order to control the rat population. Some say that it is one of these cats who became the demon cat. The rat infestation is at the peak on 2019.

The Law:
U.S. Code § 798.Disclosure of classified information.
(2) Concerning the design, construction, use, maintenance, or repair of any device, apparatus, or appliance used or prepared or planned for use by the United States or any foreign government for cryptographic or communication intelligence purposes shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than ten years, or both.

The Building for the Brain Dead 1

The Building for the Brain Dead


Everything Leaks here


Everything Leaks here

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