LIC-A Showcase

LIC-A Members Showcase – Spring
An Art Exhibition  From Your Neighborhood Artists
May 16 – June 3, 2018

My story:
“Most of my followers find my art dark and depressing so they suggested me to take a break and stay away from it so that may help improve my style or refresh my brain with flowers, gardens, cats, dogs or snakes etc. which I did.
I’m back to my studio to work harder than ever, and now my followers find my art more depressing, black, bleak, discouraging, gloomy, daunting, hopeless, dismal, melancholy and more heartbreaking than before!…I think I’m getting better!.”
J. F. Bautista


Your Majesty

Working with ghosts

Working with ghosts

The #Creature in the #Factory

What makes you blush?

Empty Architecture 24x36

Remembering what I want to forget

LIC-Artists Local artists are in page 9 of this booklet

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