10″x10″ Project

This is the smallest project that I’ve ever done!
Q: What to do with it?


10×10 Logo


Back view of 10″x10″ board


Front view of 10″x10″ board

The Wall01bw

Board 43 – White View

The Wall02bw

Board 47 – Black View

The Wall01bwhalf90

Board 43 – Horizontal View

The Wall01bwhalf

Board 47 – Vertical View

BOARD No: 43 – LIC-A Gallery


LIC-A Logo

LIC Artists, Inc. is a 501(c)3 non-profit arts advocacy organization founded by artists and incorporated in 1986 in Long Island City. 

​© 2017 Long Island City Artists. All images are property of individual artists.

The Wall01bwhalf90

LIC-A Day-Night


wall is a structure that defines an area, carries a load, or provides shelter or security. There are many kinds of walls:

For this 10×10 board I’m selecting Border barriers between North and South

The Wall01bwhalf

Day-Night, North-South


LIC-A Gallery is Open


Walls are meant for climbing


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