The LIC Arts Open Gallery at The Factory
Address: 30-30 47th Ave. LIC, NY 11101 (main floor to the right of Security)
Gallery Hours: 24/7, during exhibits

Curated by: Tessa Kennedy

The management team at The Factory have generously donated this space for us to host art exhibitions throughout the year. Built in 1926 and originally used by Macy’s as a warehouse and furniture showroom, The LIC Arts Open Gallery at The Factory is housed within a 1.1 million square-foot building at the geographic midpoint of New York City – just across the East River from Manhattan in Long Island City, Queens.

Current Exhibition:

“A being of anomalous or uncertain aspect or nature, one that is the servile dependent or tool of another” Wikipedia

From: April 5th
To: May 11th

Social Media: @thegallerylic, @creature, @thefactorylic, @licartsopen, @thegallerylic #thegallerylic, #creature, #thefactorylic, #licartsopen, #thegallerylic

Artists Include:

Sherwin Banfield, J. F. Bautista, Danny Bertner, Berly Brown, Indrajeet Chandrachud, Irene Christensen, Anthony Ciambella, Margot Collins, Joseph DeLEO, Jada Fabrizio, Michele Grassani, Kristen Haskell, Harvey Hayes-Bohanan, Margaret Hyde, Rachel Kohn, Judson Kolk, June Kosloff, Veronica Lee, Tony Loftman, Bruce Minson, Anna Muslimova, Penko Platikanov, David Platt, Oksana Prokopenko, Nancy Rakoczy, Isaac Roller, Steve Sangapore, Jordan Segal, Ira Soller, Ellen Stedfeld, Rita Varian, Howard Vega, Pedro Vega, Andrew J. Wheatley, Soo Yun

Creature 10

“You always call me ugly creature, now I made you look like me” J. F. Bautista

008 you are crazy-1


I was born like this and people call me #CREATURE #licartsopen #kunstkamera #arts#architecture #thegallerylic #thefactorylic


The ones upstairs

Creature in the Factory

The Creature in the Factory


The Unborn


Humans call me Creature

Creature 11x26-daniel-08

You made me look ugly

Nature made me look ugly so meet me at the Factory. I don’t look like any of you..I’ll be watching you! #licartsopen #arts #architecture #creatures #monsters #people #thegallerylic #thefactorylic




Creature in Roosevelt Island


Sick Creature







Big Brother

My story:
“Most of my followers find my art dark and depressing so they suggested me to take a break and stay away from it so that may help improve my style or refresh my brain with flowers, gardens, cats, dogs or snakes etc. which I did.
I’m back to my studio to work harder than ever, and now my followers find my art more depressing, black, bleak, discouraging, gloomy, daunting, hopeless, dismal, melancholy and more heartbreaking than before!…I think I’m getting better!.”
J. F. Bautista

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