The Parasite

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©2017 Gargoyles, Goblins, Ghouls, Zombies and Vampires
©2016 Dark Second edition
©2016 Ghost Architecture
©2015 Utopian Architecture
©2015 Urban Explorer
©2015 3:19:2003-3:19:2013
©2014 Architectural Hallucinations
©2014 Empty Architecture
©2014 Architecture of Subterranean Species
©2013 Architecture in Black and White
©2013 Architecture of Social Organisms
©2012 Reverse Engineering
©2011 Dark
©2010 vag-a-bond
©2010 J. F. Bautista Architecture
©2010 Organic Mutant Architecture

Art Exhibits
2018 HEAD
2018 LIC-A@ATLANTIC:2018
2017 LIC-Artists “Art From The City’s Heart” (Art Exhibit)
2017 LIC-Artists LIC-Fear “Gargoyles” (Art Exhibit)
2017 LIC-Artists “Garden of Earthly Delights” (Art Exhibit)
2017 LIC-Artists “Walk with Light” (Art Exhibit)
2009 BRAZIL, MUNDIART (Art Exhibit)
2009 Brooklyn Art Project (Art Exhibit)
2008 USA, MetroXpress New York, NY (Exhibit)
2008 USA, Look At Life Gallery (Art Exhibit)

Filling the void.
Selfless service.
Jaime. F. Bautista – Architect

On the Web
©2014 jfbart  Art by J. F. Bautista “the dark artist”
©2014  Art by J. F. Bautista “the dark artist”
©2016 We Are Parasites  Art by J. F. Bautista “the dark artist”
©2016 LIC-Artists J. F. Bautista at Long Island City Artists

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Brooklyn Art Project
Ecuadorian Painters
Metro Photo Challenge

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