Fractal Architecture

My normal instincts are to explore the uncharted dark underground ghost architectural world, at this time I’m doing it with a little help of Mandelbulb 3D, maybe you shouldn’t. Nowadays we can take a dive into other possible fields of application of fractal geometry like: science, medicine, manufacturing, ecology, architecture, engineering etc., In any case architects, engineers and city-planners already use concepts and phrases for analysis which come from other fields, the city as an organism with the palpitating heart for the central business district, the green spaces serving as a lungs, the roadways, streets serving as arteries and veins for communications routes to deliver the primordial soup. In this connection fractal geometry may provide a new alternatives which explains the complexity of a city in a better way. In this book I’m focused in the Derelict Architecture. Author website
Published: November 12, 2016



Organic Architecture


Going back home



About Fractal Architecture


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