06 Architecture of Social Organisms


Social parasites-organisms take advantage of interactions between members of social organisms.
I trust that evolution made all organisms weird-looking for a good reason, right? . These strange creatures range from just plain weird to please let me never see that anywhere except my computer screen. This gallery might not fill your daily quota for pictures of cute Internet organisms, but it might satisfy your equally-important daily dose of WTF iZ it!.

One organism, the parasite, benefits at the expense of the other, the host – Sucking the guts out!

Most of my followers find my art dark and depressing so they suggested me to take a break and stay away from the art so I may improve my style or refresh my brain with flowers, gardens, cats, dogs or snakes, which I did.
I’m back to my studio to work harder than ever, and now my followers find my art more depressing, black, bleak, discouraging, gloomy, daunting, hopeless, dismal, melancholy and more heartbreaking than ever!…I think I’m getting better!.

See more about J. F. Bautista and his Organisms:

Architecture of Social Organisms

We Are Parasites

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