Organic Mutant Architecture

city_blog01Organic Mutant Architecture by J. F. Bautista

There once was a place of monumental cities with towers that swept American culture… people were swept away and consumed by the machines and buildings built by visionaries and is now self- transforming or mutating into a fantastic Organic Mutant Architecture Metropolis; it draws them into the depths.

I’m known as The Dark Artist because once upon a time I was a unique computer graphics artist who  worked in the 3D field for many years as a 3D modeler, architect, illustrator, building designer using BIM technology. I create emotionally intense digital illustrations. Determined to make my personality come alive. I fill my drawings with sprawling landscapes and bizarre inhabitants. More than just a collection of eye-popping drawings, my work comprises a visionary world, complete with commentary and a foundation in the mutation and beliefs of multiple transformations.

One organism, the parasite, benefits at the expense of the other, the host – Sucking the guts out!

Most of my followers find my art dark and depressing so they suggested me to take a break and stay away from the art so I may improve my style or refresh my brain with flowers, gardens, cats, dogs or snakes, which I did.
I’m back to my studio to work harder than before, and now my followers find my art more depressing, black, bleak, discouraging, gloomy, daunting, hopeless, dismal, melancholy and more heartbreaking than ever!…I think I’m getting better!.

I’m an Architect by trade. I make simple things seem complicated, by making them even more complicated!

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